Campaign of the Month: January 2009

Pursuit of Destiny

The Blue Head

After defeating the Red Hand and stopping them from releasing the Red Head of Tiamat the party traveled south to the city of Kharolis. There they discovered the Blue Mask tribe and learned of their plot to destroy Kharolis. The Blue Mask has been tricked by Tiamat into believing that the energy beam that keeps the city of Kharolis afloat is coming from the Goddess Melorra. They believe that if they destroy the ancient magic that harnesses the energy they will free Melora and she will lower the city to the ground and drive out the Khar people leaving the city for the Blue Mask and the rest of the humans.

The party has realized that in reality the energy Kharolis draws is from the Blue Head of Tiamat and it is the only thing keeping the head contained. They must discover a way to keep the Blue Mask from destroying the energy beam and freeing the Blue Head. However they also wish to free the Blue Mask and the other humans from their life of fear in the Underdark below Kharolis.

As Gnasc once said to Ash “This land must stay where it is, but that does not mean that things have to stay the way they are. “



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