Campaign of the Month: January 2009

Pursuit of Destiny

Day Three

As dawn broke we were visited by a Centaur. As he entered the clearing grass spread like it was spilled across the mud, and he introduced himself to us as Chislev, Tree Lord of Sai Thysaer, or the Edgewood. He spoke to us about the encroaching Thorn Creep, his spies told him the Dragon-men are searching for something. What exactly he could not say but he was sure they had not found it yet though. He asked us to travel to the Thorn Creep and search out one of the monster’s “Briar Hearts” and bring it to him. He hopes it might give him some clue as to how to fight the Thorn Creep.

It was clear that it was taxing him to visit this far north into the Dead Bog. We got a little more information from him about the surrounding area, and agreed to set out to the Thorn Creep. There we hoped to learn more of the Draconians and how they are tied to Tiamat.

We headed East toward the Creep, and as we move into it ground becomes more packed and easier to travel. The vines were thicker here, and clearly moving westward. While they feel unnatural, they were not supported by any magic that we could sense. After a few hours of travel we came across a fountain. From the center a silver rod with a silver hawk perched atop rose. The hawk was facing east, and the fountain radiated a strong magical presence. Though all around us the Thorn Creep was choking the life from all the vegetation, trees covered in vines as thick as a man’s leg, inside the water however was reflected a scene of silver trees in almost black soil. Through a little experimentation we discovered that it seemed to be some type or portal.

With nothing else to try, Rook tied a rope around my waste and I hopped into the fountain. A brief sensation of falling later I was standing on the black soil. The rope around my waste went right into the fountain, and when I peered back into it I could see my friends peering back. On my side a similar hawk sat facing west. After a little thinking, Celence cast a spell to call down a burst of light from the sky into my side of the fountain. At the same time Rook flew into the air and saw the burst far of fin the distance to the east, the same way the hawk was facing.

Coming back through, we experimented a little turning the hawk in different directions, we found nothing to the north, what looked like the Edgewood to the south, and to the west the Dead Bog and a crew of Draconians looking back at us. We seemed to have surprised them, perhaps they too were discovering about the fountain. One tried to reach through the fountain at us, and we quickly turned the hawk.

A few moments passed as we tried to put together out thoughts on how this fountain worked, and then all the sudden amongst us a Brass Draconian appeared. He was quickly followed by two more Draconians, a Silver and two Coppers. Working together we began to make quick work of the Draconians, and as things began to fully favor us one of the Brass yelled to one of the Coppers to get back and “Tell Arak.” The Copper in front of me jumped through the portal to the Dead Wood, and without giving it a second thought I followed after thinking only to protect my friends and our location from this “Arak.”

My friends finished the fight on their side of the fountain and moved to watch as the Copper Draconian on my side sliced the silver rod in half, both portals going dark.

The fight was not an easy one on my side, my brash decision was not well thought out, and what I did not know was that Copper Draconians explode in an acid burst when they are killed. Thought I just killed the Draconian, it’s acid burst caught me as well.

I am unsure exactly what happened over the course of the rest of the day, I laid next to the fountain unable to move and oblivious to the world around me. As the sun was setting, I was greeted by the face of my friends. Apparently they had began moving east after the fight, and ran into a Treant who was entangled by the Thorn Creep. They tore the vines free and and with some help from the Treant discovered the directions of my fountain.

With little time before night was upon us Celence, Marrek and I attempted to fix the fountain. With a a bit of luck and a prayer Marrek managed to bind the two halves of the silver rod, and the fountain blinked back to life. Directing it south we jumped to the Edgewood and made camp for the night along the Semerin River.


I am enjoying the journal. The play-by-play on Twitter is cool but the fleshed out character perspective makes things even better. Great job.

Day Three


Day Three

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