Campaign of the Month: January 2009

Pursuit of Destiny

Journal Day 5

Making camp in room 7 worked well, and as we were preparing to leave in the morning we heard sounds coming from room 1 through a cleverly hidden sending stone. The voices were unmistakably Draconian. Readying our weapons we all moved into positions out of sight from the open doorway. As stealthy as a shadow in the night Gnasc moved to the leaver at the back of the room and moved the switch to open up to room 1.

As expected we saw three Draconians, on holding the still bleeding head of an Eladrin, their backs all to us, looking at the spiral staircase hading down to the lock room. But to our surprise there between the Draconians and us there was a lone member of the Samekin Militia. His bow drawn, the man looked to be questioning his surroundings, and unsure of what he was doing, he was clearly not with the Draconians.

Though quiet, the door opening was not silent and the Draconians turned toward the door, with us hidden out of sight, they only saw the one member of the Militia. The large silver Draconian wasted no time leaping across the pit that was the spiral stairs and crashing into the poor man. At his movement we all sprang into action. Sprinting past the door, Gnasc moved toward the lever in the back, cursing our stupidity for not having closed it the night before. His path was cut off by a bronze Draconian. Shield lowered, I slammed into the large Silver, knocking him back a step closer to the pit. Only his large wings saved him from plummeting down. Stepping into the doorway Celence called forth howling winds that filled the room with a defining roar and forced the Silver and Bronze over the edge of the pit, crashing down the stairs. The silver’s wings saved him some, but the bronze lay near the middle of the stairs, his eyes rolling from the fall.

As quickly as Celence moved Gnasc spurn on the lever, the stairs reforming back into the solid floor. Even faster still the Silver flew out of the pit, but the Bronze was not so lucky. The sicking crunch of it’s death rang our through the whole chamber.

With numbers even more clearly on our side it did not take for us to finish the remaining two Draconians. The Militiamen was able to gain his wits, and landed more than a few fair shots from his bow, one killing the final draconian.

Gathering our things, Celence performs a ritual of Arcane Lock and seals the chamber off from everyone but our party. To secure the room Marrek also drives a nail of sealing into the outer doors.



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