Campaign of the Month: January 2009

Pursuit of Destiny

Day One

After a short time in Samekin where we learned of strange sitings of small dragon-like-humanoids, and met the revenant Rook we venture east along the Semerin River. The dense presence of the Estwild can immediately be felt, even in the Edgewood near town. Less than two hours after we left Samekin, Gnasc picks up fresh Owlbear tracks along the bank of the river. The river is clear and teaming with fish, and it is clear we have encroached upon the hunting grounds of these Owlbears.

It was not long before we stumbled across two Owlbears, and were left with no choice but to attack. As a team Marrek, Gnasc and I square off against the closest Owlbear, and Rook moved to face the remaining one. While Rook is but a shadow of Benadrix sent to help us by the Raven Queen, he is a powerful warrior and it was comforting in some ways to see him fight as brashly as Benadrix did.

The Owlbears were in no way an easy fight, hardened by their life in the Estwild they did not back down, nor would they let us retreat. Their long arms not only delivered powerful blows, they could grab you and hold you in their crushing grip. Even with all my strength I was only able to escape the grip of the Owlbear by the help of my friends, a lone warrior would be crushed with no escape. Though we dispatched the pair in due time, this encounter was a daunting harbinger of things to come.

We continued along the river and discovered tracks that appear to be the dragon creatures heading northwest. after a short time the tracks split into two, about half the group seemed to have continued northwest, and the other to the east. Gnasc heard the clinking of armor close by in the direction of the group who went east. Gnasc and Marrek scout ahead but were unable to spy upon the party undetected. Called into the clearing Marrek and Gnasc attempted to talk to these creatures, and as I crept closer Severus, looking through my eyes, realized that these were Draconians. It did not take long to learn that these Draconians were hunting us, and more than likely connected to the Green head of Tiamat.

Moving quickly we engaged these corruptions of nature, seeking to subdue them while our numbers were still even. I was able to pull them all in with a quick attack, but the leader, more golden in color than the others teleported away. Rook pursued the leader and Gnasc moved in and was the first to kill one of the duller bronze colored Draconians, but as the beast dies it turns to stone trapping Gnasc’s fist. Perhaps sensing the threat posed by the Paladin of the Raven Queen, two of the other bronze Draconians disengaged from the fight with me and moved to attack Rook from behind. As Gnasc struggled to free his fist, I dispatched another of the bronze ones my blade too becoming stuck. Not wasting time in the fight I detached from that blade and drew a second as I charged the Draconians at Rook’s back. By this time we are more careful and leave the killing blows to Celence who can deal devastating damage from a distance. When the Gold dragon was almost dead we attempted to speak to it again, but the beast flew into a rage, attacking whit abandon until through loss of blood it dropped dead.

Regrouping after the fight Gnasc and I both thought it prudent to continue east, our original direction, and one we had a map of, however the rest of the party thought it more important to follow the other tracks, “The hunted must become the hunters,” as Rook put it. So we set back to the west, and found where the tracks split. We followed them to a small clearing, the ruins of an old temple, and a larger party of Draconians had set up camp. This time we tried to move into positions as a group, but I am not one for stealth and gave away our position.

In this fight we face some silver Draconians for the first time, and upon death they seem to attack one’s psyche with horrific images of one’s own death. This fight was exhaustedly brutal and long, though in the end there were the crumbled stone remains of three bronze Draconians, and the corpses of the three silver and one gold Draconian.
Now as the sun begins to lower below the canopy of the Estwild we are making camp, in the very camp we just attacked. With Rook, I will stand guard as my friends rest through the night, I pray it be uneventful.


It’s great to see 148 give details to the photos and descriptions from the Twitter and PA site. I can’t get enough of this campaign. Have you guys thought about podcasting it?

Day One

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